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Raiders Quarterback Search Continues With Familiar Names

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A few updates on the Oakland Raiders quarterback search. As you know, Jason Campbell suffered a broken collarbone last weekend and the Raiders have reportedly reached out to Carson Palmer (can't agree on a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals) and David Garrard (he's having back surgery).

Here's where Oakland stands now:

First, Campbell says he's having surgery this week and hopes to be back in six weeks, if all goes well. That seems awfully optimistic for this type of injury but we'll see. With the bye week, that would mean missing just five games.

Second, the Raiders are working out Todd Bouman, whose name should sound familiar. He played for the Jacksonville Jaguars last year and actually started the game against the Chiefs. His stats: 18-of-34 for 222 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Third, the Raiders contacted Todd Collins about the job. No, really: Todd Collins. He and Al Saunders, Oakland's offensive coordinator, should remember each other at a couple of stops together. Collins hasn't lost a game he's started since 1997 (4-0).

It's looking more and more like backup Kyle Boller is going to be the man behind center for the Raiders. Behind him is Terrelle Pryor so this could be an interesting game for Raider quarterbacks.