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Chiefs Gearing Up For Raider Week

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It's Oakland Raiders week for the Kansas City Chiefs and, even though both teams have struggled in recent years, it's still a heck of a rivalry, one that still gets us pumped up. It's even better this year now that both teams are (somewhat) competitive and in a meaningful AFC West race.

The Raiders do a couple of things well -- run the ball and stop the run.

Offensively, stopping the Raiders really comes down to one thing -- stopping the run. That's especially the case this week now that Jason Campbell is out. It appears the Raiders will be relying on Kyle Boller so the Raiders will likely be relying on the run. That's not to mention the fact that they're currently No. 1 in rushing attempts and second in rushing yards.

Defensively, it's the same thing. The Raiders are best at stopping the run and that's what they try to stop first. The Chiefs generally struggle against teams with good defensive lines so coming up with a passing attack will be critical this week.

We'll start getting into the Raiders a little deeper throughout the week but the big theme of the week is stopping the Raiders rushing attack. That's usually the No. 1 goal for the Chiefs each week and that should continue in Oakland this weekend.

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