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Talking Andrew Luck, Kansas City Chiefs With New York Times

We're all well aware of the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, etc. fans cheering for their teams to lose in order to up their chances of being able to select Stanford QB Andrew Luck in the NFL draft. I, for one, am not one of these people and I get the feeling like most of you around here aren't "Suck for Luck" promoters either. 

Judy Battista of the New York Times caught up with Joel to ask him about his thoughts on teams cheering for failure in order to secure a better draft position. Here's what Joel had to say in her article on the issue, which is very good by the way:

Kansas City Chiefs boosters, some of the most ardent in the N.F.L., are divided over the issue, said Joel Thorman, who runs the Arrowhead Pride blog. He said he could not bring himself to root against the Chiefs, and he was relieved when they beat the Colts last Sunday because he it might stamp out the nascent campaign to get Luck.

And to his quote:

"As crazy as it sounds, we're looking at schedule scenarios, figuring out how the Chiefs can be competitive with the Chargers in the A.F.C. West," Thorman said. "To me, going through your team's schedule and figuring out ways they can win the division, even if it is insanely optimistic and somewhat unrealistic, is a much better way to spend the season than rooting for the team to lose on the chance that you might earn the top pick."

Props to Joel for the nice quote in the NY Times no less. It's no spread in GQ but still cool. Check out the whole article here

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