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Looking At The Chiefs At The NFL Trade Deadline

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The NFL trade deadline is coming up on Tuesday and ESPN's Adam Schefter filed a story looking at a few trades that he thinks should happen but probably won't. 

He includes Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe in his trades that should happen (and to clarify one more time -- he's not reporting this, it's just his opinion on what should happen).

Kansas City invested a first-round pick in wide receiverJonathan Baldwin and millions in free-agent wide receiver Steve Breaston. The Titans could use a replacement for Kenny Britt, along with some insurance in the event he encounters more legal issues.    

This would make sense to a degree. The Chiefs have brought on two more receivers that will be here for the long-term and Bowe's contract expires at the end of the year. From that perspective, it makes sense.

But I just can't see it happening. Bowe is in the top three in terms of importance to the Chiefs offense and Jonathan Baldwin is an unknown at this point. I certainly wouldn't make this trade if I were the Chiefs.

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