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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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The worst week in football is when your team is on bye, Sunday mornings just aren't the same. Sure, you can fill your day with NFL RedZone watching your fantasy studs but it isn't the Chiefs. However, we do have the Raiders next week so some rest is nice before facing a division rival. Let's just hope that there are no ACL injuries during practices.

There were some decent stories this week regarding the Chiefs and it was a pretty big week after a two game win streak heading into the bye. So if you think you missed something or want to recap the last week then please follow along.

Five Biggest Stories

1. Dwayne Bowe, Matt Cassel Lead The Chiefs Comeback Over Colts

Wow, just wow. I'm in shock of what I saw on Sunday. After the first quarter and half I figured we were who we though we were. Something happened though for one reason or another. Cassel seemed to be on fire. Bowe could catch anything thrown his way. Breaston showed up. Battle wanted to prove that he can be our number 2 back when Charles comes back. Our defense also showed up during the 2nd half. If we play a full game like we did during the second half then there is no reason why we should be out of any game.

2. Vote Chiefs’ Matt Cassel FedEx Air Player Of The Week

I'm not sure that Cassel will be in competition for this award a lot. So anytime this happens with the national media it is a big story for the Chiefs. Cassel may not be able to hear the hate but he should be able to see the love. He played very well but perhaps not enough to get the award.

3. Jackie Battle Is The Surprise Of The Day For The Chiefs

Battle was a nice surprise! I always knew he had the talent but wasn't sure why he was never on the field. Oh yeah, other proven running backs were ahead of him on the depth chart. The game against the Colts shows you why the Chiefs never released him. Sure, special teams are great but being a playmaker on offense is where it is at. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Mr. Battle.

4. Chiefs Bye Week Schedule Will Include Rest For Some Players

I think that the bye week is perfect right now. We have some players who need to get 100 %. We also need to work out the kinks. I agree with Haley in how he views the bye week to help overcome injuries. They will re-work some game plans accordingly. I'm thinking there will be a lot of film watched on the Raiders.

5. Raiders Owner Al Davis Passes Away

This might be the only time I feature the Raiders in the top news--well besides the weeks we play them. Al Davis was a pioneer in the league. I'm thinking the game against the Raiders will be overly emotional. Why does it feel like Raider week already?

In case You Missed It...

1. Aaron Curry To The Raiders

Ok, I lied this is the last time I feature the Raiders--maybe. I will just give my honest opinion here. I'm not worried about this at all. Curry seems to be liability in the pass and run game. He is a very annoying player. I just remember him last year during the Chiefs game howling on every little play. I'm glad that we got Jackson over Curry. He will continue to be a bust as a Raider. Great move by the Seahawks.

2. UFOs Flying Over Arrowhead Stadium…Or Not

This was pretty crazy news! I'm not sure what it was. My wife says that Aliens aren't real and it was a government plan. I'm not going to question her for obvious reasons. Do you have any ideas?

Fanpost Of The Week

Replacing the "One" (philosophical) by Steve_Chiefs

This gives us a good look at the Chiefs past. Steve always seems to write some good posts. If you want a history lesson then please click the link. Thanks Steve_Chiefs!

Fanshot Of The Week

Teaser –The Legend by Clay Wendler

This looks like it is going to be awesome! Seriously, click on the link! It is just a shame that we have to wait 2 more days to see the full thing.

One Year Ago Today...

NFL Picks Week 6: Not Many Picking KC Chiefs Over Houston Texans

This game is always tough to look back at. It is just amazing we were a couple questionable calls and a decent defensive stand away from winning the game. The Texans are looking like they should be able to cruise into winning the division. The Chiefs will have to work hard for it this year. Doesn't seem fair.

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