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Chiefs' Matt Cassel Goes On NFL Network

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was on Around The League with Fran Charles on NFL Network yesterday talking about the 2-3 Chiefs.

Nothing earth shattering in the interview as the usual stuff was hit on: questions about the win at Indy, Dwayne Bowe's play and, of course, the "argument" with Todd Haley (or, as I like to call it, the story that will never die). Cassel also claims he's undefeated in bags, the game they play in the locker room.

Below are some highlights of what he said. View the video here.
 On the comeback win at Indy: "It was something that, since I've been here, we haven't responded the way that we did, and to come back from a 17-point deficit, and to continue to grind and overcome the adversity, and walk out of Indy with a win, it was big for this time."

On Dwayne Bowe: "I trust him and we also have other guys making plays as well. Steve Breaston's come in and complemented Dwayne really well this year. It's great to have that tandem."

On the slow start: "We were trying to find the reasons for why we didn't start the way we didn't want to. Going into the season, we thought we were ready to go and it just didn't work out."

More on the slow start: "One of the main problems early on were turnovers. We were able to eliminate turnovers and you see the result, we're in every game."

On the injuries: "That's the same way that I got my start when Tom Brady went down and things went the way that it did. Nobody gave us  a chance in New England and I was able to step up and prove myself."

On the bags game: "I'm pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. I haven't lost yet. I keep giving the receivers chances, letting them get up early, and then I come back and dominate."

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