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Weekly Chiefs' Playcalling Question Continues

We know Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is superstitious. He's talked about it, we've seen his hat from last season and he's growing the beard out until the Chiefs lose.

In keeping with superstitions, it's been a weekly tradition for Adam Schein to ask Haley on his weekly visit with SiriusXM NFL Radio whether he's considered taking over the playcalling. Here's a run down of all the "Why aren't you calling plays?" questions from Schein this season.

Schein, wanting to keep the superstition alive, brought it up during Haley's visit to SiriusXM this morning.

Schein: "Before we let you go, I know you're a superstitious, and you're on a winning streak, should I ask you about calling the plays, or no?"

Haley: "That's why I got this beard. [I'm glad] my wife likes it because I don't think many other people do but I blame my dad for my superstitions."

Schein: "So I'll ask just because you're on a winning streak: Coach, what's going on with calling the plays? [Everyone laughs] See, coach, now you can sleep at night."

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