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UFOs Flying Over Arrowhead Stadium...Or Not


This story is a couple of days old but I just heard Chiefs Insider Josh Looney talking about it on Chiefs LIVE.

Last week, FOX-4 here in Kansas City reported in a broadcast that there were several reports of UFOs in the metro area recently. You can see the video they showed on air -- little lights off in the distance, seemingly bunched together. 

A representative from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) was quoted by FOX-4 last week:

"We do have other reports of very large craft hovering in different areas, and that's quite unusual because normal airplanes do not have that behavior. Helicopters do, but these are not described as helicopters," said Margie Kay, assistant state director for MUFON.

Sounds like a UFO conspiracy, right?

Well, local UFO expert and Chiefs Insider Josh Looney reports that the UFO sightings might be coming from the KC stunt planes they had flying over Arrowhead last week as a test for a possible future fly-over (night-game fly-over...hint, hint, Monday Night Football on Halloween).

The pilot of one of the planes was quoted by FOX 4 when they discovered the source of the UFOs: "We've been watching that on Mufon, or whatever that UFO website is, and just cracking up."

It's Game Time.

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