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It's Tim Tebow Time For The Denver Broncos

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We have a new starting quarterback in the AFC West.

ESPN and Jay Glazer both report that Denver Broncos head coach John Fox told his team this morning that Tim Tebow has been named the new starting quarterback for the Broncos.

Tebow didn't have great numbers last week when he replaced Kyle Orton at halftime -- 4-of-10 passing for 79 yards and six rushes for 38 yards -- but somehow nearly lead the Broncos to a comeback victory over the San Diego Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs first opportunity to see Tebow will come on Nov. 13 when the Broncos visit Arrowhead and again on New Year's Day when the Chiefs head to Denver.

KC is a little familiar with Tebow as he scored two touchdowns against the Chiefs in a Bronco blowout in Denver last year.