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Chiefs Coach Makes A Good Point About The Bye Week

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Yesterday we were talking about the Kansas City Chiefs bye week coming up and whether this was good timing or bad timing for KC. I argued that it was a bad time for the bye because the Chiefs had some momentum with two straight wins and I thought it was important to keep rolling with that momentum.

Readers were fairly split on the topic with 53 percent of the voters in our poll saying they would prefer the bye week to come later in the season, while 46 percent said they would prefer it to happen this week.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley was asked about the bye week in Monday's press conference (via and said there are a few guys on the team who could "use a little down time" right now.

He also made a good point about the bye -- with the injuries the Chiefs have had early in the season, namely Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles, the coaching staff could use the time off to regroup as well.

"We've got enough work to do as a coaching staff on some of these adjustments that we've made on the fly due to some injuries that now we have our first real time to work and try to get better in some of those areas that maybe we didn't spend quite as much time on in the training camp time."

I hadn't really thought of that but it's a good point. The offense and defense is different from training camp when Moeaki, Berry and Charles were all available. This time off can give them extra time to hammer out a long-term plan on handling their losses.

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