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I Guess Bill Polian Was Right About Matt Cassel And The Chiefs

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Last week, Indianapolis Colts executive BIll Polian talked a little bit about the Kansas City Chiefs in a Q&A with the Colts website and had this to say about Matt Cassel and the Chiefs:

"But if Cassel picks up the efficiency in the passing game, they will win a lot of games.  They have a good defense and what they really lacked last year to go far in the playoffs was a top-notch passing game.  So if Matt Cassel is back to what he was when he played in New England, he'll be pretty good.  Certainly they're a tough test for us with how banged up we are."    

That's nothing Chiefs fans hadn't been saying for most of the season so it's not like he was wrong but I was a little surprised that an executive from another team would talk about an individual player on the opposing team like that. I wrote a blurb about it last week and moved on, not thinking a whole lot else about it.

And then on Sunday....

Cassel did pretty much what Polian indicated he hadn't been doing this season. He was efficient completing over 70 percent of his passes, he played sorta like he did in New England and the Chiefs were indeed a very tough test for the Colts. 

So he was right -- if Cassel plays better, the Chiefs play much better. Again, nothing we didn't already know.

In news sort of related to this, a Colts website,, quoted Polian on the Colts postgame show as saying:

"I'm baffled. Truthfully, it's hard to envision with the kind of people we have upfront that we can be this porous in the secondary. It's a dilemma honestly."

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