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Chiefs Beat Colts: Five Good Stats

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Indianapolis Colts for their second consecutive victory which means for the second consecutive week it's not that hard to find five good stats.

Here are five good stats from the Chiefs 28-24 comeback victory over Indy:

0. Second half points by the Colts. I don't know what happens inside the Chiefs locker room at halftime but the last three weeks KC has come out and played much better in the second half. On Sunday, they had a total turnaround and, after giving up 24 first half points to Indy, allowed zero points in the second half. Even one score by the Colts may have changed the results of this game but KC's defense stepped it up big time after Romeo Crennel got rowdy in the locker room at halftime.

72.4. Matt Cassel's completion percentage. His under-60-percent completion percentage in 2010 was one of my biggest knocks on him. This season, he's clearly turned that around completing 66.4 percent of his passes this season. His first five games: 61.1, 68.2, 70.8, 62.1 and 72.4. The yards per attempt has been an issue in the losses but on Sunday he had a terrific day throwing for 257 yards and four touchdown passes.

0. Turnovers by the Chiefs. We keep talking about this because it's the key to the Chiefs success. If they don't turn the ball over, they're going to be competitive in games, every game. Matt Cassel didn't throw a pick, Jackie Battle didn't fumble and KC's offense didn't have any major missteps (save perhaps a pair of penalties that pushed them out of field goal range in the second half).

6.3. Jackie Battle's rushing yards per attempt. A guy some of you may know, Jamaal Charles, held that yards per carry number last year and he was pretty good. I'm not saying Battle is Charles -- especially not after one game -- but it was a very, very good outing for a guy many fans had forgotten about. The Chiefs don't have someone who can effectively handle a feature-back role. Did they find that guy in Jackie Battle?

93. Length of one of the Chiefs touchdown drives. Starting at their own seven, they went all the way down the field and scored. That's the longest drive by the Chiefs in the Scott Pioli/Todd Haley era, dating back to December 2008. They had four consecutive plays of double digit yardage to start the drive and scored in just over six minutes. This was the drive that ended in that incredible catch by Dwayne Bowe

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