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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 10/10

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Good morning everyone. NJ Chiefs Fan is busy for a few days so I will be your Arrowheadlines guy. Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

But just in case the message isn't coming across, he is standing in front of his locker after the Chiefs' second win of the season wearing a shirt that screams SWAG! in big block letters. And he just can't wait to use a line he's surely rehearsed.

"My last name is Bowe," he says. "So everything I do, I want it to be un-Bowe-lievable."

Bowe can really take a bowe for this one | KC Star | Sam Mellinger

"My favorite was the one where he stayed with it and laid out," Breaston said. "He could have easily given up on it since he got the (pass interference), but he stayed with it. We didn't get the (pass interference) we got the touchdown. Those are the types of plays that you want to make. You don't want to settle for being at the one-yard line and getting stopped. It's a great play by Dwayne."

"Dwayne continues to make unbelievable plays," Cassel said. "He's a guy that I trust with all my heart and the ball."

Morning after: Indianapolis |

Video: Todd Haley postgame press conference

Video: Matt Cassel postgame press conference

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Video:'s top five catches

Postgame coverage:

In the last two weeks, the Chiefs have wriggled out of danger, correcting mistakes with halftime adjustments. A week earlier, during a win against Minnesota, quarterback Matt Cassel and left tackle Branden Albert screamed at teammates during halftime to come together and play smarter. On Sunday, it was defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel with a halftime message.

"RAC (Crennel's nickname) got on to us a little bit," Johnson said. "He didn't want to see what happened the first two games happen this game."

Chiefs bounce back after another rough first half | KC Star | Kent Babb

I kept waiting for the Colts to move Jerraud Powers over to Dwayne Bowe's side, but Powers only lines up on the right side. It was a bad matchup, and Bowe had seven catches for 128 yards. It's really a pick-your-poison proposition. If the Colts sit back in the Tampa-2, they give up a steady diet of check-down passes. If they play man-to-man, they get beat outside. We spend too much time talking about schemes, anyway. It's the guys in the uniforms. Either they make plays or they don't.

Bob Kravitz's report card | Indy Star   

A U.S. Marine recently sent a note to Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley to advise how running back Jackie Battle needed to be more a part of the offense.

The fan reasoned he had benefited in his life of military service from being yelled at. Haley was encouraged to do the same to fire up the fourth-year pro.

"This guy, for whatever reason, he believes in Jackie Battle," Haley said.

Chiefs' Jackie Battle inflicts damage on the Colts | Indy Star

The Colts led by 17 points. It was the old times. It was the good times.

It was iron pyrite: fools gold. Kansas City scored 21 unanswered points to beat the Colts 28-24 and send the home crowd to the gates grumbling.

Complete collapse, Colts defensive end Robert Mathis fumed. No excuse, no excuse given.

It all goes bad after Colts first half lead | Indy Star

All of this is nice, but fantasy owners shouldn't get too excited; I was down on all Chiefs other than Charles entering this season in part because they have a difficult schedule. These Colts aren't so difficult, notably against the run. Cassel's crew still must face the New England Patriots,Pittsburgh SteelersChicago BearsNew York Jets and Green Bay Packers, not to mention a pair of games with the decent Oakland Raiders and a rematch with the San Diego Chargers. Bowe is the only Chief that should be started in all fantasy leagues, and it's a good sign that Cassel, a fantasy backup, isn't holding him back at all.

Four downs: Thoughts on Chiefs O, Tebow | ESPN

Is Battle for real?

There's a reason why the Chiefs, spanning two coaches and general managers, have held on to Battle. He's a productive player, though Sunday's performance was probably close to his ceiling as an NFL back. Regardless, the Chiefs will take it, and with Thomas Jones slowing and Dexter McCluster still unproven, Battle could be counted on more often the rest of the season.

The good, bad and ugly | KC Star

"We've learned some lessons, this year especially," Haley said. "The key for us I think is to just kind of stick with it, to avoid the desire to hit the panic button, though sometimes that's the human nature in you, to think you need to do a little more.

"(The Chiefs didn't) feel like you've got to come up with something new or do something that all week you didn't think was the way you'd have a chance to win the game. Sometimes when you get down in a game, the tendency or the reaction is to maybe do some of that."

Chiefs stick to the plan in win over Colts | KC Star | Adam Teicher

Jones is still around and played well Sunday, rushing for 55 yards in 10 carries. But it's more than a little telling that the Chiefs had Battle in the game when they needed important yards.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity I had today," Battle said. "I like being a special-teams player, but it's more fun this way."

Battle stars as featured performer | KC Star | Adam Teicher

"Whatever opportunity I get," said Breaston, a soft-spoken fifth-year receiver, "I just want to be a reliable option for Matt and catch the ball; that's all."

On Sunday, when the Indianapolis Colts were growing wise to Bowe's magnificent performance, Breaston made it known that he requires attention, too. He finished with four catches for 50 yards and two touchdowns, including the go-ahead 11-yarder with 5:15 to play in the Chiefs' 28-24 victory.

Steve Breaston playing a bigger part in the Chiefs offense | KC Star | Kent Babb

Two years ago, it was Dallas receiver Miles Austin and Cleveland running back Jerome Harrison. On Sunday, Painter, a third-year quarterback out of Purdue making his second career start, had 237 passing yards in the first half, the most by any Colts quarterback - yes, even Peyton Manning - since December 2009. It also was the ninth-highest first-half total in franchise history.

Another star almost born in Painter | KC Star 

Battle's 119 yards and 6.26 ypc is noteworthy in this respect. There have been 53 occasions since 2000 when a Chief rushed for 119 or more yards. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, what isout of the ordinary is that the vast majority of the 53 occasions were either Johnson (22), Holmes (20) or Charles (6). That leaves five others (one each). Here they are.

Chiefs: Winning the Battle | Upon Further Review

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