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College Football Open Thread

For those who are watching college football this Saturday here is your thread to discuss the games. I'm watching the K-State-Baylor game which is turning into the Robert Griffin show. The kid is the real deal and I would venture to guess we'll see his name in a fanpost or 12 this week. Michigan moved to 5-0 on the season with the 58-0 victory over Minnesota. I'm a big Brady Hoke fan from his time at San Diego State. I had the chance to talk with him several times and there is a reason you won't find anyone in San Diego that has anything negative to say about the guy. Great coach doing great things at the big house. There are a couple of big games tonight with No. 8 Nebraska taking on No. 7 Wisconsion at 8pm ET. You've also got No. 12 Florida taking on No. 3 Alabama at 8pm ET. Don't forget about Andrew Luck and No. 6 Stanford taking on UCLA at 10:30 ET. Which game are you going to watch and which players are you looking forward to watching?

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