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Chiefs 'Strongly Considering' Broncos' Mike McCoy As Charlie Weis Replacement

Almost as if it was planned, there will be news surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday morning that doesn't involve the 30-7 home playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Chiefs are "strongly considering" Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy for the same position on the Chiefs staff.  Kent Babb of the KC Star mentioned McCoy's name as a possible candidate last week.

Charlie Weis accepted the offensive coordinator position at Florida and he was expected to leave at the end of the season. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was asked after the Ravens game on Sunday exactly when Weis was leaving (and if he would even look over the Ravens game tape with him) and Cassel wasn't sure. 

McCoy was hired by the Carolina Panthers in 2009 and held several offensive positions before Josh McDaniels hired him onto his staff in 2009. Mort points out that the playbook and terminology in McDaniels and McCoy's offense is similar to Haley's.

McCoy was under contract with the Broncos through the 2010 season, according to the report.

Mort has been on the Chiefs offensive coordinator story from the start so don't be surprised if Mike McCoy is the next offensive coordinator of the Chiefs. 

(H/T slipm9)

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