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Todd Haley's Message To The Kansas City Chiefs

It's always interesting finding out what Todd Haley's message is to the Kansas City Chiefs in the postgame locker room, especially after an emotional loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs.

"My message to our guys was don't let a tough ending over-shadow a lot of really good things," Todd Haley said after the game (via, bad timing on my part made me miss Haley's press conference). "We made some really good progress."

There's no reason to dwell on the negative at that point I suppose. In the big picture, the Chiefs have had a franchise record turnaround and that's kind of the trump card on the good side of the 2010 season.

Of course Haley also had a parting message as well, which should sound familiar.

"Now the important thing is to build on it and continue to take the steps that you have to [in order] to win a couple of those."

So that's about it. We'll hear from some players tomorrow afternoon, Haley at some point and then the schedule will open up.

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