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Chiefs' Playoff Loss To The Ravens Feels Like All The Other Ones


This shouldn't be so painful. It's a freakin' football game yet I'm walking away from the Kansas City Chiefs playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens as if I've lost a family member. I sat in the heated press box all game yet feel like I just walked out of a battle (and lost). I'm tired. Depressed. Angry and frustrated, too.

But this is the NFL record seventh consecutive playoff loss for the Chiefs so I'm used it.

I'm going through all the normal motions after a playoff loss.

I spend a few minutes thinking, 'Is it really worth being a fan of this team?' Walking out to the car, after all the heartache, that question pops up. I flashback to sitting in my folks living room in January 1998 watching John Elway beat the Chiefs. I also remember sitting with my brother watching the Colts roll past the Chiefs in January 2004 and the Colts doing it again three years later.

Yes, it is worth it for me. It's just a little tougher right now.

I then move onto blaming who needs to be blamed for the loss. I blame the turnovers, the game plan, the play calling, the quarterback and the receivers. Oh, and the officials, too. See a pattern? Yeah, I blame everyone.

After figuring out everyone can't possibly be blamed, we move onto a bit of depression. This is the feeling you'll have tonight and especially tomorrow morning when you wake up and realize it's not a dream.

And then you begin to accept the loss. That will come sometime Monday afternoon if it's anything like the last few times we've gone through this. And then you realize the Chiefs had a hell of a season and just how much fun this has been. Yeah, all those feelings will come soon enough.

There's no other way to put except to say that it's been a hell of a ride, I hope it lasted longer but I'm thankful for what we got.

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