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Chiefs Stall Ravens On Goal Line; Ravens Up 3-0

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On their first drive, the Ravens drove all the way down to the Kansas City Chiefs' 1-yard line on the strength of some decent sized pass plays across the middle to Anquan Boldin and Todd Heap. Eric Berry had two pass breakups - one in the end zone - that were big in stopping the Ravens from getting a TD. 

Derrick Johnson had a big time hit behind the line of scrimmage to stymie the Ravens' goal line attack. 

The Chiefs' offense wasn't able to get much going on their first drive. They went three and out with Matt Cassel scrambling for basically no gain; a Tony Moeaki catch near the sidelines was broken up; and a Jamaal Charles short run that wasn't enough.

The Chiefs are challenging a Ravens first down run that would have converted third and long. Here we go....