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Chiefs vs. Ravens: Five Pregame Predictions

The Kansas City Chiefs are less than an hour from kicking off to play the Baltimore Ravens. I've got all kinds of predictions going on here in what is hopefully a victorious day for Kansas City. Here are my five pregame predictions:

Chiefs win the turnover battle. The Chiefs got here by not turning the ball over. That's not the only reason they're here but it's a huge part of it. The Chiefs will continue that today by winning the turnover battle. I see the Chiefs plus one in the turnover battle. An interception by one of those safeties sounds good.

Chiefs will stay around 100 yards rushing. I don't think the Baltimore Ravens completely shut down the Chiefs running game but they contain them. The Chiefs running game won't dominate but Jamaal Charles helps push them over 100 yards for the day. Let's go with 110 yards total on the day.

Tony Moeaki is a factor. The Ravens will do their best to shut Bowe down and that will open opportunities for Moeaki. I'm thinking he hits 60 yards receiving today as he becomes an outlet for Cassel on the blitz. 

Ray Rice hits 150 total yards. The Chiefs will have some trouble with Rice because he can break some tackles and he's pretty shifty for his size. The Chiefs won't be able to shut Rice down completely and he will be a factor.

Chiefs win. I (almost) always pick the Chiefs. Why change what's worked so far? Let's go with 20-17 Chiefs.

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