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NFL Playoffs: Three Things Chiefs Need To Do Vs. Ravens

As we sit here waiting for the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens game to kick off, I've got a few things on my mind. I'm envisioning how a Chiefs victory would go down and here are a few things that, in my mind, need to happen.

Make the Ravens pay on the blitz. If the Ravens blitz, Matt Cassel absolutely has to make him pay. There's no bones about it. The Ravens will put some heat on Cassel and he can't miss open receivers, over throw anyone or make a mistake. Likewise, Chiefs receivers need hands of glue today. 

Don't be afraid to unleash Jamaal Charles. This isn't your typical "Free Jamaal Charles" statement. I just mean that the Chiefs shouldn't be afraid to go to Charles early and often. Thomas Jones generally gets early game carries but if it's not working then move away from it. Charles may be the key to this game and there's no reason to keep him fresh anymore. 

Create a turnover and make it count. A turnover may not be enough today. If the Chiefs create a fumble or pick off a pass, they need to make the Ravens pay and score points off of it. The Chiefs are one of the best teams at scoring points off of turnovers and not allowing points when they turn it over. This is critical today.

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