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NFL Playoffs: Saints-Seahawks, Jets-Colts Wrap Up Wild Day

The first day of the first round of the NFL playoffs were pretty incredible. The Seattle Seahawks absolutely stunned the New Orleans Saints sending the defending Super Bowl champs back home and the New York Jets kicked a last second field goal to move on beating the Indianapolis Colts.

On the first day of wildcard weekend, both Super Bowl teams are out. That kind of turnover is why we love the NFL so much.

What had me worried was whether the Seahawks and Jets used too much of the underdog mojo. Neither team was expected to win (according to Vegas) so the Kansas City Chiefs need to find some of that same mojo.

Here's what I learned from each game:

What we learned from the Saints-Seahawks game is that you must start fast. The Seahawks came out firing in the first half (after their first possession turnover) and started lighting it up. They weren't afraid to challenge the Saints and, I hate to use this cliche, but played like they had nothing to lose. Part of me thinks the Chiefs need to do that Sunday. Lesson: play like you have nothing to lose.

What we learned from the Jets-Colts is to stick to your game plan. We remember what it was like playing Peyton Manning and the Jets did similar things by sitting back in coverage for much of the night. They were patient and they were eventually rewarded by holding the Colts to a field goal late in the game. The Chiefs need to stick to whatever game plan the coaches spent all week devising. No reason to get off course. Lesson: stick to the game plan.

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