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Miami Dolphins, That's A King And Not A Czar

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Thanks to <a href="">@odonnelltw</a> for the photo
Thanks to @odonnelltw for the photo

We posted a story earlier this week highlighting former Kansas City Chiefs GM Carl Peterson's role in the Miami Dolphins pursuit of Jim Harbaugh. Apparently Peterson was there as a friend or advisor to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross (several weeks after Ross said Peterson does not and will not have a front office role with the Dolphins).

Anyway, the Dolphins pursuit of Harbaugh is now being scrutinized by NFL folks because Tony Sparano was still in the building as head coach while they were interviewing other candidates, like Harbaugh (and they also reached out to Bill Cowher). It appears as if the Dolphins will even be giving Sparano a financial apology because of it.

Now Dolphins reporters are wondering what the heck is going on with

Check out a photo of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel sports page to the right.

It made me chuckle because, well, everyone in Kansas City knows that's a picture of a king -- not a czar.