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Chiefs, Ravens Could See Snow At Arrowhead Stadium On Sunday

Snow_mediumI've been checking the weather every day this week keeping tabs on what it's supposed to be like for Sunday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium and until today the forecast has been cold on Sunday with snow coming on Monday.

Now the forecast from the National Weather Service is calling for a 40 percent chance of snow on Sunday.

Weather is always a wildcard and we're never sure how each team will react but looking at both of these teams I think this would favor the Chiefs. The Ravens' passing attack is a little more dangerous, I think, and if that is taken away from them, or limited, the damage it would do to them would outweigh the damage to the Chiefs if their passing game was in a similar situation.

So, to me, this development of snow is an important one.

No snow is expected on Saturday, and the Chiefs play the early game on Sunday, so there may not be a lot of accumulation but it's certainly something to look out for.

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