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Todd Haley On Playing The Future Hall Of Famer Ravens

During the NFL draft process earlier this year Eric Berry mentioned Ed Reed as one of the guys he looked up in the NFL and folks often compared Berry's potential to what Reed is doing with the Baltimore Ravens. As they meet this weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs safety says he had to pinch himself that he's playing Reed but that he's going to be ready to go.

On the Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Show this week, Mitch Holthus asked Chiefs head coach Todd Haley about playing the Ravens vs. playing the Ravens' reputation. In other words, playing the team on the field this weekend vs. playing the guy Eric Berry remembers growing up.

"There are some guys on this team that we're playing that will be Hall of Famers," Haley said. "I think 52, Ray Lewis, will be in as soon as he's finished or he's allowed to be in there. And Ed Reed in the back end will be another one of those guys for sure.

"We've played a lot of good players on a lot of good teams. We need to go out there and concentrate on what the Kansas City Chiefs need to do to win one game. And that's really all it's about -- winning one game. If you win one game in the playoffs, as the team I was apart of in 2008 showed, anything can happen. "

The Chiefs are really a pretty easy team to figure out -- run the ball and stop the run. That's what they do and they don't make many secrets about it. They won 10 of 16 games that way so there's no reason to change their approach because this is the Ravens and it's the playoffs.

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