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NFL Playoff Picks: Who's Taking The Chiefs Over The Ravens?

Usually, when we do our NFL picks posts on Thursdays, the conversation turns to how the Kansas City Chiefs don't get any respect. Unfortunately, I can't deliver much national respect to you this week with this post.

I've perused a number of big and small outlets who have made their picks this week for the Wildcard round of the NFL playoffs. And on the whole, most people are picking the Ravens. The Chiefs-Ravens betting line is about three points in favor of the Ravens, depending on where you look. So at least Vegas doesn't seem to think the Ravens are that big of a lock.

Without further adieu, here are some of the various picks coming out this week for the Chiefs-Ravens contest:

Not only does Walter Football think the Ravens are going to win, they think the Chiefs don't even deserve to be in the playoffs.

Michael Bean of SBN Pittsburgh thinks Baltimore is a lock.

Dave Golberg of FanHouse predicts a 22-9 Ravens win.

The ESPN Crew is relatively split between the Chiefs and Ravens.

Everyone at CBS is taking the Ravens.

SB Nation Arizona is taking the Chiefs to win by three.

Since we're all going to pick the Chiefs, which one of these outlets is the most wrong and why?

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