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Ray Lewis Likes The Way The Chiefs Are Built

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During a Wednesday conference call we heard from the man Todd Haley called the center of the Baltimore Ravens defense -- Ray Lewis. Even on the phone, he sounds like a focused, intense guy. Lewis was a player Todd Haley first schemed against as a head coach when the teams met in Haley's first game in 2009.

Haley said those two teams are too different to compare to now because they've both changed so much and Lewis touched on a little bit of that change Wednesday.

"[The Chiefs are] definitely faster and you bring Thomas Jones over there and to add him with that young boy coming out of the backfield, Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe is stepping up, the young tight end. "

Apparently Lewis like some of those changes and what the Chiefs are doing because he said, "They're built to really try to get something started over there." That's the "fit" we always seem to talk about with the Chiefs.

"This is a sleeper team that came out and won that side of the bracket that nobody ever thought about as a team winning that side of the bracket. But they did and it's because of the young talent that they do have. When you sit back and watch them, they are talented all the way around. "

Now just because Lewis thinks the Chiefs are talented doesn't mean he's any less focused or intense.

"You got one thing on your mind -- win or go home."

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