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Chiefs Facing NFL Record For Consecutive Playoff Losses


We've been avoiding a lot of talk about the Kansas City Chiefs losing streak in the playoffs. That's because, as a Chiefs fan, this is pretty depressing stuff. The no punt game, 14-10 with John Elway en route to the Super Bowl and the Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named. As we talked about the other day, these all mean something to Chiefs fans and it's not because they're good memories.

(Note: I remember as a kid my Dad telling me he would take my brother and I out of school and go to the Super Bowl parade if the Chiefs beat the Bills that next week on January 23, 1994. Going to school that day made the loss even worse.)

The good news is that if you think Chiefs fans have been tortured in the playoffs long enough you're probably right. ESPN's Stats and Information passes along this statistic (which I probably should have known but didn't):

The Chiefs are making their first playoff appearance since 2006. They've dropped six consecutive postseason games. With a loss to the Ravens this weekend, Kansas City will set a new NFL record for most consecutive postseason setbacks. The Chiefs currently share the mark with six other teams.

One of the teams they share that record with? The Lions. Their playoff winless streak goes back to 1991.

For that record alone, the Chiefs need to win on Sunday.

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