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Ravens Will Work Out Left-Footed Punter Preparing For Chiefs' Dustin Colquitt

The Baltimore Ravens know they have a unique challenge on their hands this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs. No, it's not the Arrowhead Stadium crowd, or Jamaal Charles or even the Matt Cassel-to-Dwayne Bowe connection.

It's Dustin Colquitt.

Indeed the Chiefs punter presents a challenge to opponents because he is left-footed. Most punters are right-footed and the ball carries a different spin from the other side. It's one of the reasons Colquitt is an asset on the Chiefs.

To prepare for a left-footed punter, the Ravens will work out Australian punter Dan Power on Thursday, according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. This will give the Ravens return men a chance for some work against a left-footed punter.

Wilson reports the Ravens often bring in left-footed punters before a game against a lefty punter.

Don't discount the importance of Colquitt in this game. If this is a low-scoring, defensive affair then field position will be critical.

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