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Ravens Impressed With Chiefs' Tamba Hali, Eric Berry

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When the Kansas City Chiefs host the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday they'll be seeing a familiar face in Al Saunders, who previously coached in Kansas City from 1989-98 and again from 2001-05. Saunders is now the senior offensive consultant with the Ravens and joined Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty on 810 WHB's Border Patrol this week to talk about the Chiefs and Ravens matchup.

He singled out two players who have impressed him while watching tape of the Chiefs -- LB Tamba Hali and S Eric Berry
"The first guy that jumps out is Tamba Hali," Saunders said. "I think he's having a great year. He's a very talented football player. He's the guy you have to account for from both a passing standpoint and a run game standpoint. He is just a very explosive guy and he's playing really well."

Saunders also notes Glenn Dorsey as a guy up front that's playing well. In the secondary, he sings Berry's praises.

"The guy that really impresses us in the secondary is Eric Berry," he said. "What a great draft pick that was. A young kid at that safety position that is playing really well. When you have two young safeties like Kendrick Lewis and Eric Berry most teams say, 'Oh boy we're going to go after these guys.' But they've played really well. Eric plays well in the run game and the passing game and really gives that secondary a nice look."

And as pointed out by reader bfett81, the Ravens are 27th in the NFL in 20-plus yard passes meaning the weaker part of Berry's game right now -- pass coverage -- may not be tested much. 

Knowing that the Ravens are impressed by these guys, it'll be interesting to see how they try to take them out of the game. What will they do to minimize the impact from Hali and Berry?

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