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Charlie Weis Almost Never Came To Chiefs Because Of Will Muschamp

Charlie Weis is leaving the Chiefs but he almost never made it to Kansas City. Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune, who covers Notre Dame, reports that Weis actually wanted to hire Will Muschamp, who this week hired Weis as offensive coordinator at Florida, to Notre Dame back in 2009.

The Muschamp-Weis union actually could have happened at ND. In the days before Weis was officially fired by his alma mater late in November in 2009, Weis did pitch the idea of ND hiring Muschamp and then staying on for the 2010 season - and the 2010 season only - as Irish offensive coordinator, according to two unnamed sources close to Weis and the process.

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick thought about it but decided against it, apparently.

That doesn't have much bearing on his situation with the Chiefs right now but it does bring up an interesting question.

Knowing what you know now -- that Weis would be here for just one year -- would have wanted him to come to Kansas City in the first place? Did the "good" that Weis did in Kansas City in one year outweigh the "bad" that results from his early departure?

It's an interesting question. I'd have to say that I would want him in Kansas City either way. Running his system won't hinder the Chiefs in the future since he and Haley come from similar backgrounds and he fit in with the program they're trying to build. I don't see the bad behind having a very good coordinator, even if for one year.

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