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Antonio Gates Says Raiders Would Represent AFC West Better Than Chiefs In Playoffs

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates won't make many friends in Kansas City after he suggests the Oakland Raiders would be better fit to head to the playoffs than the Kansas City Chiefs.

"Personally, no disrespect to the Chiefs, I think the Raiders (8-8) would have represented the AFC West better, if I had to take a pick of who I wanted to go," Gates said. "Because the Chiefs are still pretty young. They're a young team. They're talented, but they are a young team. But, they played tremendous this year."    

The Chargers probably have a different perception of the Chiefs than other teams. In three of the last four games they've played against the Chiefs, the Chargers have won in a total rout. That one loss, though, came on Monday Night Football this year and Gates says that's what may have been the difference for the Chiefs this year.

Kansas City's victory, fueled in part by a few 2010 draftees, "gave the Chiefs that confidence and that motivation of, 'Look, we beat the Chargers, we can beat a lot of teams,' " Gates said. "To me, had they not won that game, their season would not have turned out the same."    

I think I agree with him there on the confidence and momentum factor. That game was huge for the Chiefs and players referenced it for a couple of weeks after.

But picking the Raiders over the Chiefs in the playoffs? I can't agree with that.

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