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Chiefs Vs Ravens: Breaking Down Team Passing Match-ups

When it comes to playoff football it's all about the match-ups.  Every team is looking for that little advantage they can exploit to get the edge.

The Kansas City Chiefs are no doubt hoping they can exploit the fact that Baltimore is ranked 21st in the NFL in passing yards allowed (224 per game).  The Chiefs are ranked 30th in the NFL in yards per game and need a good day from Matt Cassel and Company if the KC hopes to advance in the playoffs.

Baltimore is probably betting on the fact that they are 4th in the NFL in passing yards allowed per play.  That means teams don't get deep on them very often and the Raven's converge quickly pounces on the short passes.   

So how well do the Ravens defend each passing zone?  Let's take a look...

Match-up Observations:

  • The above graphs are the completion percentages for the Chiefs when passing the ball and the passing percentage ranks the Raven's defense has allowed in 2010.
  • There appears to be only one match up advantage for the Chiefs according to the percentages:  Throwing deep middle.  The Chiefs have a completion percentage ranked 2nd in the NFL when throwing the ball to the deep middle.  That's a lot of those deep crossing routes and those throws to Bowe down the deep middle seam.
  • Surprisingly, maybe I haven't followed the Ravens enough this year, Baltimore is ranked 28th in the NFL when defending deep middle completions (they've allowed a 58% completion rate).
  • The Ravens look to be pretty stingy when cover the short left and deep right passes.  The Ravens are only allowing a 25% completion rate when the opposing team throws deep right.




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