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Four Questions For The Chiefs Defense As The Ravens Come To Town

We already looked at a few questions for the Kansas City Chiefs offense as they prepare to face the Baltimore Ravens defense this weekend and now it's time for the defense. Here are a few questions floating through my head about the Chiefs defense going up against the Ravens offense.

Where will a turnover come from? Joe Flacco has thrown just 10 interceptions this year and Ray Rice has fumbled it zero times all year. This team is sort of like the Chiefs in that they're not going to turn it over very often. I think the Chiefs need to create at least one momentum changing turnover or even multiple turnovers to compete. 

Will the Chiefs place a priority on stopping the run or Joe Flacco? My answer would be stopping the run because they're sixth in the NFL in rushing attempts so you know what they'll do. It's also important not to get burned by Flacco on play-action or third down. The first step, though, is making them one-dimensional and eliminating the rushing game.

Can the Chiefs defense hold Baltimore to 14 points? That's my number for this game. I think for the Chiefs to win they need to hold Baltimore to around 14 points. They have done that to nearly everyone at Arrowhead Stadium this year so we can probably guess one of the defense's goals is to do it again. With the Chiefs offense vs. Ravens defense, I think 14 points is the max Baltimore can score.

Can they keep it below 150 rushing yards for Ray Rice and Co.? If the Chiefs give up 150 or more rushing yards, they'll lose. They've only won one game with that stat -- an ugly one against Denver -- so I think it's a sign that Ray Rice can't go crazy. He's also a factor in the passing game with over 500 receiving yards so you can't stop the run while ignoring what he does in the passing game. This is a tough situation.

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