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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 1/30

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Good morning Chiefs fans. We have a pretty interesting Kansas City Chiefs news day. A rare occurrence in the offseason. Enjoy.

Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Matt Cassel and Eric Berry are making their initial Pro Bowl visits, while Brian Waters will make his fifth appearance on the AFC roster. Kansas City's five Pro Bowl selections is the most the club has seen since the Chiefs sent six players to Hawaii following the 2005 season.

New England (8) is the only AFC squad with greater Pro Bowl representation than Kansas City.

"It was a great year for the Kansas City Chiefs as a whole," Cassel said in a fan chat on "We came together in so many different ways. Our success is the reason why myself and my teammates are recognized here at the Pro Bowl."

Five Chiefs Ready for 2011 Pro Bowl from The Mothership

RAGBRAI XXXIX will offer one of the annual bike ride's shorter but hillier routes, and promises one of the brassiest endings on record...

...Atlantic, Sunday, July 24

The ride's first overnight stop comes in this town of 7,257 which also welcomed riders in 1974, 1980, 1989, 1991, and 2001...

...Fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes may remember Atlantic is the hometown of former Hawkeye and Kansas City Chiefs star Ed Podolak, who later gained fame as a broadcaster.

RAGBRAI riders will swarm through Iowa's middle from The Des Moines Register

The NFL crowd was more than just a little concerned at halftime. The big bad Packers were leading, 14-10, but the Chiefs didn't seem the least bit intimidated. "We had done a real solid job up to that point," Kansas City defensive coordinator Tom Bettis said. "We had played toe-to-toe with them. We were feeling pretty good. We received the ball in the second half. We were moving it pretty good, too."

Chiefs coach Hank Stram had never coached against Lombardi, but he had seen him work several times. "I had watched Lombardi at a practice in 1955 when he was still a Giants assistant," he said. "I couldn't believe that one man could yell and scream and spout so much profanity."

Lombardi Makes Hiself Synonymous with Title from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rookie linebacker Cory Greenwood exited Arrowhead Stadium following a pre-season game and headed to his car, where his father was waiting to greet him. Fellow linebacker Mike Vrabel, a veteran of 14 NFL seasons, was leaving the stadium at the same time when he noticed his young Kansas City Chiefs teammate.

"He came over and introduced himself," said Peter Greenwood, Cory's father. "He shook my hand and said, ‘Don't you worry, Cory is going to make this team - and not the practice squad either. He'll be on the 53-man roster. You wait and see.'

"That was a special moment."

Cory Greenwood's Fast Track to the NFL from The National Post

Andrew Smith from Kansas City, Kan., wants to know if I think the Chiefs could draft a center like Florida's Mike Pouncey because Casey Wiegmann will soon turn 38.

Bill Williamson: You're on the right track, Andrew. I'm not sure replacing Wiegmann right now is the team's top need. I think the Chiefs could use a right tackle or front seven help on defense.

AFC West Mailbag from ESPN

Each NFL season produces players shunned in the Pro Bowl and All-Pro voting who nevertheless deserve recognition for their accomplishments. So for the 41st time we are presenting the Allmost-Pro Team, created to honor those players.

Sometimes Allmost-Pro is a steppingstone to the top honors. For instance 25 players named Allmost-Pro now reside in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And 28 players named to participate in today's Pro Bowl have passed through the Allmost halls.

Here is the 2010 Allmost-Pro Team.

41st Allmost-Pro Team: Sometime it's close that counts from 

 With seven seconds left in Super Bowl LIV, Seattle's Andrew Luck makes the biggest play of his NFL career. The quarterback scrambles right and dives for the goal line. Officials signal the winning touchdown.

Millions of delirious Seahawks fans tear off their 3-D glasses in celebration. Thousands more dial up instant replays on their hologram-projection TVs, reliving the play from every conceivable angle.

Although the London Jaguars say they tackled Luck short of the goal line, the microchip inside the football doesn't lie. The game is over, and celebratory fireworks light the sky over Los Angeles.

Welcome to the future.

A 2020 Vision of the NFL from The Los Angeles Times

It was reported recently that the Kansas City Chiefs had contacted Noel Devine's camp and are potentially interested in him as sort of a Darren Sproles type player doing some kick return duties and some passing and running touches. If this is the case then Devine will need to play well in the Senior Bowl or he could find himself with no potential homes after Saturday's game.

Noel Devine needs to have a big Senior Bowl from Gather

I've been pushing Sabol's candidacy for five years and he has made the final 15 for the first time, so he finally will be discussed in the room. I have the honor of making the initial presentation for Sabol before others speak on his behalf..

...It was Sabol who persuaded Chiefs coach Hank Stram to wear a microphone for Super Bowl IV as Kansas City matriculated down the field against the Vikings.

It was Sabol who hired Philadelphia broadcaster John Facenda to narrate the dramatic scripts that revealed the faces behind the facemask.

Add in some dynamic music and slow-motion camerawork and you have an enthralling visual history that is the envy of every other league in the world.

Enduring legacy deserves NFL's recognition from Tampa Bay Online

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