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Four Questions For The Chiefs Offense As The Ravens Come To Town

The Kansas City Chiefs offense had one of its ugliest days of the year against the Oakland Raiders last week and they'll need to fix a lot of things to have a chance against the Baltimore Ravens. As I sit there thinking about the matchup, here are four questions I have.

What's the offensive game plan against the Ravens? The Chiefs will need to figure this out because, if they go into this game with the full intention of being able to run the ball, they may be in trouble. They need to be prepared for the Ravens shutting down the Chiefs rushing attack. Baltimore's defensive unit is that good. They can shut the Chiefs down. The Chiefs need to have a plan in case that happens that doesn't include anything remotely similar to what we saw against the Raiders. 

Can they protect Matt Cassel? Simply put, Cassel can't get hit the way he was yesterday against the Raiders. It just can't happen. The Ravens front seven is better than the Raiders so they're going to have to fix something next week. Whether it's more screens, quicker passes or more blockers, one of the Chiefs priorities should be keeping Cassel's jersey clean.

Can they move past Charlie Weis' departure? The Chiefs can't completely move past Charlie Weis because he'll be calling the plays but they have to forget that he's leaving. The players were told not to discuss the situation after Sunday's game so that's a sign we've heard all we will from the Chiefs on this. Forget about it and move on.

Can Matt Cassel avoid interceptions? He threw two picks against the Raiders as he was rattled most of the day. He'll probably be rattled at times against the Ravens. They can't throw picks and win. There's not a whole lot else to say. It just can't happen.

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