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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley On The 2011 Senior Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked with Josh Looney of (video here) down at the Senior Bowl this week. Haley has a good idea of what his scouts go through in Mobile, Alabama because he was once down here scouting, as was his father, Dick Haley.

Haley talked a little bit about what the scouts actually do at the Senior Bowl after they've been scouting these guys all year.
"I think that the great thing is that we have a great group of scouts that do tremendous work all year," Haley said. "They're excited to see us because it's really the scouting staff and coaching staff coming together single-mindedly, if you will, on the type of players we want. When we get here, the scouts are each assigned to a position group and they'll hang around with that position coach and kind of fill them in and get them up to speed on these guys. For me as the head coach I'm just trying to get a big picture view of everybody."

Haley said since he's the coach during the season, he's not able to see much tape other than Saturday afternoon college football games. The Chiefs scouts started the process last year keeping tabs on three guys -- Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas and Cameron Sheffield -- that were at the Senior Bowl that the Chiefs eventually drafted.

"I clearly remember those guys you talked about," Haley said. "As you're sitting here watching practice, you don't know a whole bunch other than what you've seen on TV a couple weeks but guys stand out and those three definitely stood out."

Check out the full video at It's pretty interesting.

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