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Chiefs FB Shaun Smith Has Some Competition

Kansas City Chiefs FB Shaun Smith has some competition -- yes, that's fullback. Really a defensive end, Smith lined up at fullback a few times this season, even scoring a touchdown. 

I assume many of you watched the NFC Championship game with the Green Bay Packers 337-pound defensive lineman B.J. Raji at one point lining up at fullback against the Chicago Bears

Immediately, it reminded me of Shaun "Deep Freeze" Smith -- the nickname of course is a nod to William "The Refrigerator" Perry. 

So after seeing Raji line up at fullback (and not even counting his interception return for a touchdown) he earned a similar nickname to Smith -- "The Freezer". Well, really, he gave it to himself.

"I was miked up for the Atlanta game, and one of the trainers came to me and said, 'You look like The Fridge out there,'" Raji said. "And I was just playing around, 'I'm the Freezer.' I was making a joke, just making light of the situation and having a good time with it. So I guess, in retrospect, I came up with the name."    

Raji is 337 pounds while Smith is listed at just (just?) 325 pounds. Smith has some competition for big man running back of the year. 

Of course, all this is operating under the assumption Smith is a Chief in 2011 which is no guarantee considering he is not under contract next year. 

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