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Happy Birthday, Chris

28 years ago my folks had the second best thing in their lives happen to them -- the birth of their first son. Only rivaled by the birth of their second son -- um, me -- Christopher Thorman (or "Scooter" in his younger days) would grow up to one day start a Kansas City Chiefs blog called Arrowhead Pride.

Good decision, huh? Now for my birthday memory....

17 years ago the Chiefs lost their first of seven consecutive playoff games -- a streak we're currently in the middle of -- and that game came on Chris' 11th birthday. I remember sitting in my living room watching the game with my Dad and a couple of uncles while Chris spent his the hospital.

Indeed a terrible ear ache had Chris whining during the entire first half of the game. My Mom had to take him to the doctor and I remember her telling me years later the physician was clearly was less than pleased about the timing of it all.

If myself and our many contributors are the engine behind this operation then Chris is the mechanic behind the scenes making this car drive like a dream.

Happy Birthday, Chris.

Now get back to work.

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