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Anniversary Of Beginning Of Chiefs Playoff Loss Streak

The Kansas City Chiefs playoff struggles started 17 years ago today. The Chiefs, fresh off a divisional round victory over the Houston Oilers (also the third most watched divisional game in NFL history), traveled to Buffalo in the midst of their Super Bowl streak.

This is one of the first time in my life I remember being truly, truly disappointed. I was old enough (nine) at the time to understand football and that's probably unfortunate as the Chiefs dropped the game, 30-13.

That's what got it all started. The Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since then. Seven straight losses.

Is it possible Buffalo cursed the Chiefs? I can't think of anything that would make us think that but, hey, I'm looking for any and all reasons for the Chiefs playoff struggles.

Imagine if you watched that game and knew it would be the last playoff win you saw in 17 years. I don't think anyone would have believed you.

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