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If The NFL Went To An 18-Game Schedule....

We've been reading a lot about the idea of an 18-game schedule in the NFL and I think I'm safe in saying that the players don't want it and many fans don't either. For me, it's the idea of, 'It ain't broke so don't fix it.' I love the way the NFL is right now and, to me, 16 games is perfect.

But what if they did go to 18 games?

Think about it this way -- the Chiefs, if they made the playoffs, would be gearing up for their first playoff game this weekend. The AFC and NFC Championship games would be in February and the Super Bowl would be closer to March 1 than February 1. This is all assuming they push everything back two weeks instead of starting two weeks earlier.

The good news for those that do not want 18 games is that one of the NFL's most influential owners, Steelers' Dan Rooney, said publicly he does not want an 18-game season. He also said the negotiators need to get to work.

Hopefully that's a sign of some good news to come. Now if Dan Rooney would only come back to the United States....

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