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Share Your Big Game Party Ideas

With the 2011 Super Bowl just a few short weeks away, I'm sure some of you have already thought about planning out your Super Bowl Sunday festivities. 

Considering the AP hive mind is such a fantastic group of cooks, drinkers and partiers, I figured as part of our partnership with Coke that we could start throwing out some of the better ideas you've had for hosting a Super Bowl party. Give us your best recipes too, both for drinks and food. 

I don't have any outlandish personal stories to tell you about my Super Bowl Sundays but I do want to throw out three things I've seen in various places that I think would make fantastic additions to any Super Bowl party. 

After you check out my ideas, please let us know your best Super Bowl recipes, traditions or games in the comments. 


Put your meat slicer directly next to your grill. This idea comes from Mrs. Arrowhead Pride's grandparents in Lake Charles, LA. More specifically, her grandparent's neighbor. You see, this man has a meat slicer. And a grill. And he keeps both outside, one next to the other. Imagine pulling off a hunk of meat from your stainless steel grill and dropping it directly into a giant meat slicer. I thought this was friggin' brilliant the first time I saw it and I still think it's awesome. 

Beer Plinko. You know the Price is Right game Plinko? The game where you drop a disc down the top of a board and it ricochets off of pegs until it falls into one of the slots below. Here's a visual. Now, instead of playing for money, you're playing for beer! Drop a ball or disc down a home made Plinko board and watch hilariously as unsuspecting guests are forced to drink 12.

Really hot Buffalo wings. I'm talking really, really hot. So hot it makes people cry. That's how you make REAL buffalo wings on Super Bowl Sunday. If your friends can't take the heat, mock them mercilessly. I'd suggest using the Tabasco Habanero sauce for the heat. 

Any great Super Bowl party ideas? Recipes? Stories? Hate my ideas for fun? Go at it in the comments. 

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