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Top 10 Kansas City Chiefs Stories Of The Year: Monday Night Football

Last week I asked Chris to set up a poll asking for the top 10 Kansas City Chiefs stories of the year, which he did. Except there were only eight options. So I'm picking the 9th and 10th top stories of the year. We'll be doing one or two of these a day until we get through all 10.

Today is No. 10 and that's Monday Night Football.

The Chiefs were awarded the late Monday Night Football game in the season opener and it was really the kicking off point for the 2010 Chiefs success. The crowd was into it, the Chiefs rookies proved those grading the draft were correct when they were given high marks and taking down the San Diego Chargers was a sign of what was to come.

The Chiefs victory that night was among the best games I've ever attended at Arrowhead Stadium. We spent the whole day tracking when the rain might come, and then it came a little early, and it created a classic matchup with the Chargers.

This game, more than any other, gave the Chiefs the momentum they needed to start the season on such a hot streak. If the Chiefs hadn't won this game, their season would be remarkably different (obviously). I can't remember one game (other than the 1998 DT penalty game) that had such an affect on an entire season for the Chiefs.

That one game is really a symbol of how the entire season went: rookies scoring touchdowns, being opportunistic with turnovers and surprising the hell out of everyone by winning.

That's the Chiefs season in a nutshell.

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