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Charlie Weis Speaks; Chiefs Players Don't


The first bit of news on Charlie Weis (eventually) leaving the Kansas City Chiefs came down on Friday afternoon after he had already spoken with reporters during his weekly news conference. In an interview with Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star following Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders, Weis spoke for the first time on a number of topics regarding his departure.

Among the highlights are Weis indicating that his decision has "absolutely zero" to do with his relationship with Todd Haley, the decision for his son to go to Florida and managing his time with the Chiefs and the University of Florida. Check out the full story at the Star.  There are a lot of answers to our many questions.

I still haven't completely wrapped my head around what Weis' departure means for the long-term because we care what's going to happen in the short-term -- next week against the Ravens

Whether it's fair or not, the fact that news of Weis' departure come out the week before the playoffs will be scrutinized.

Despite Haley saying the players wouldn't talk about Weis' departure, they were asked about it after the game. Brandon Flowers said he wasn't going to talk about it today. Brian Waters says he has enough on his plate at left guard to only worry about him. Jamaal Charles said "next question". 

Now that we've heard from both Haley and Weis, I imagine this signals the end of any public comments from the Chiefs on this. Haley reiterated several times after the game that the Chiefs are completely focused on the next opponent now and I wouldn't expect him to move away from that message. 

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