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Raiders Expose Chiefs; Beat Kansas City 31-10

I'm almost speechless after this game. What happened? The Kansas City Chiefs were outsmarted and outplayed by a mediocre Oakland Raiders team. Unfortunately, it wasn't that much different from the Chiefs and Raiders first meeting of the season.

Ugh. This is a sickening feeling. Here are some quick thoughts before we dive into the details of this mess:

Matt Cassel was given zero chance to win. Cassel was knocked down, hurried and sacked all day long. I have not seen such a total breakdown by an offensive line in a long, long time. Cassel's two picks were desperation throws, caused by the Raiders bringing immense pressure on the quarterback. I mean, this wasn't just bad. It was a complete meltdown by the offensive line.

Todd Haley and Bill Muir: You have some explaining to do. What. The. Hell.

Raiders have the blueprint to beat the Chiefs. Run the ball. Pressure the quarterback. Grab a turnover or two. Game over.

Uninspired play. Come on Chiefs. It's Week 17. Against the Raiders. The freakin' playoffs are next week. What was this team thinking coming into Arrowhead Stadium and just laying down? I do not understand what happened.

This game really, really made me angry. We're supposed to be division champions. We did not look like that today. If the Colts lose today, the Chiefs still have the #3 seed. But our seeding doesn't really matter right now. We are not a playoff team.

If you can stomach it, here are the stats for the game.

Joel's in the locker room as speak. We'll have much more to come on this dark day for Kansas City Chiefs football.

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