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Matt Cassel Gets Into The Pro Bowl

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Folks, Matt Cassel is in the Pro Bowl. Yes, you heard that right: Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is in the Pro Bowl. 

This all comes from Mike Lynch of WCVB-TV in Boston who reports New England Patriots QB Tom Brady will not play because of a foot injury and his replacement will be Cassel.

The Chiefs haven't announced (or confirmed) the news. 

As a Chiefs fan who suffered through the 2009 season, this is a very cool and very surreal moment. The dude many of saw struggle in 2009 turned around and put up, frankly, one of the best seasons in franchise history. 

If you were wondering, this is one of those stop and smell the roses moments. We can scrutinize Cassel all we want but at the end of the day his numbers say he was one of the top quarterbacks in the AFC. 

Presumably we'll be writing another post on this when the Chiefs confirm the news.

From my view, Chiefs fans really started to embrace Cassel after the Seahawks game (with that image of him running down field throwing a block for Jamaal Charles) and that continued when he missed just one game because of an appendectomy.

How cool is this?

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