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Todd Haley May Be Looking For A Young Todd Haley As Offensive Coordinator

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star had an interesting conversation with Shan Shariff on 610 Sports this morning regarding the Kansas City Chiefs next offensive coordinator. There's no hard news right now Babb did offer up a few criteria for the Chiefs next offensive coordinator.

In short, Todd Haley may be looking for a younger Todd Haley. Babb says there's a few things the Chiefs next offensive coordinator should have. 

The first two things sort of go hand in hand.

First, he needs to understand the passing game, which Babb already expanded on in a blog post at the KC Star's Red Zone a couple weeks ago talking about Mike McCoy.

Second, he needs to be a quarterback guru. I always think of Charlie Weis' arrival in Kansas City when I hear those words: "Fix the quarterback." I think the Chiefs have shown they always have Matt Cassel in mind when making changes on offense.

Third, he needs to be a "soft coordinator", which is basically deferring to Todd Haley on decisions. "Someone who runs the practices, organizes game plans and sits in on meetings," Babb said, "but when it comes time to the ultimate decision on any of those things, especially play calling, I think Todd Haley wants control over there."

Babb compared what Todd Haley was looking for to a younger version of himself because that sort of describes Todd Haley a few years ago. Babb suggested someone like Mike Miller, the Arizona Cardinals passing game coordinator, might make some sense. 

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