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Glenn Dorsey Snowstorm Coming To Kansas City

Call me a nerd but following Gary Lezak's weather blog on NBC Action News here in Kansas City is one of my favorite things to do. It's informative, well-written and, as a blogger myself, I always take note of the success of other blogs.

As a Chiefs blog, we finally have a reason to mention Mr. Lezak's blog -- his unique way of naming Kansas City's storms.

There was Winter Storm Arenas and Winter Storm Bowe in December. And then in January there was Winter Storm Cassel.

See the theme?

The snow coming into Kansas City today (tonight and tomorrow, really) is Winter Storm Dorsey. Apparently, a projected 4-9 inches of snow falls in the Winter Storm Dorsey category.

Future storm names, per Lezak: Ron Edwards, Brandon Flowers, Thomas Gafford and Tamba Hali.

Let me know when the Hali storm is coming because I'm getting the hell outta here on that day.

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