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The Greatest Kansas City Chiefs, By The Numbers: #53

Our series the Greatest Kansas City Chiefs, by the numbers, rolls on today with #53. For most of you, that number probably elicits an image of current LB Demorrio Williams but there are 12 other Chiefs who have worn #53 in franchise history.

After the jump, we're checking out lots of linebackers, a man named Santo and a Hall of Famer....

LB Billy Andrews (1976-77)

Andrews was mainly a Cleveland Brown for most of his career, ending his NFL tenure in Kansas City in 1977. He started 14 games in '76 but didn't start any the next season. He had one pick and a copule of fumble recoveries in 28 total games for the Chiefs.

LB Ken Avery (1975)

Avery finished his career in KC after spending much of it with the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants. He didn't start a game in 1975.

LB Kris Griffin (2005-06)

An undrafted free agent out of IUPA, Griffin played in 24 games for the Chiefs. He was mainly a special teamer and now plays for the Las Vegas Locomotives.

DE Rick Hamilton (1994-95)

Hamilton only spent 2 games of his career as a Kansas City Chief, registering no stats.

LB Todd Howard (1987-88)

Howard, who is currently an associate head coach for the UCLA football program, was a third round draft pick by the Chiefs in 1987. He played two seasons at linebacker and special teams before heading to the World League for a brief stint.

LB Fred Jones (2003-04)

Not to be confused with the WR Fred Jones the Chiefs drafted in 1990, the LB Fred Jones had a minor career in KC. He was a special teams guy, registering essentially no stats.

LB Gary Moten (1987)

Moten played in one game for the Chiefs in '87. I'm willing to be he was a scab player during the 1987 strike but I can't confirm.

LB Marvcus Patton (1999-02)

Marcus...Marvcus Patton had a decent little career with the Chiefs - 64 games played, 61 starts at linebacker, 6 INTs and 6 forced fumbles for his career. Beyond his stats, I actually found this story about Patton's mother teaching him to play football most interesting.

DE/LB Whitney Paul (1976-81, '86)

A 10th round pick in the 1976 draft, Paul had a pretty good career with the Chiefs. He started 71 games for KC and nabbed 8 INTs for his career. Paul was a consistent performer for the Chiefs in the late 70s and early 80s.

C Bob Rush (1983-85)

The Chargers made Rush the 24th overall pick in the '77 draft. He spent six seasons there before heading to KC. There isn't much to say on Rush since I didn't see him play except to say that he started every game that he played in for the Chiefs.

LB Santo Stephens (1993)

The only thing you need to know about Santo Stephens is that when you Google his name, his MySpace page is the first result. That's how much people wrote about him.

C Mike Webster (1989-90)

Mike Webster is a Hall of Famer but not because of his time with the Chiefs. After 15 seasons as a Steeler, Webster spent two in KC, starting 23 games. Webster is the best player on this list but not because of his time with the Chiefs.

LB Demorrio Williams (2008-10)

Good 'ole Demorrio Williams came to the Chiefs in 2008 and has slowly grown into a complimentary role at linebacker. He started 22 games his first two seasons in KC but none last year.

Okay. Who has your vote?

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#28 - RB Abner Haynes

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#31 - RB Priest Holmes

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#33 - RB Stone Johnson

#34 - CB Dale Carter

#35 - RB Christian Okoye

#36 - RB Mack Lee Hill

#37 - RB Joe Delaney

#38 - RB Kimble Anders

#39 - RB Bam Morris

#40 - CB James Hasty

#41 - S Reggie Tongue

#42 - S/HB Johnny Robinson

#43 - FB Omar Easy

#44 - P Jerrel Wilson

#45 - RB Robert Holmes

#46 - DB Jim Kearney

#47 - S Jon McGraw

#48 - RB Todd McNair

#49 - FB Tony Richardson

#50 - LB Kawika Mitchell

#51 - LB Jim Lynch

#52 - LB Tracy Rogers