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Around The AFC West: Greg Manusky, Al Davis, Laurence Maroney And More

In order to fulfill our mission of helping you sound smart, tonight I bring you news from around the rest of the AFC West. It's always good to take a minute to check out what the other teams in your division are doing in the offseason. After all, we will be playing six games against them.

This is a plug for Charger, Bronco, and Raider news but it's also a plug to check out the respective SBN team blogs I've linked after the jump. All of those communities are over three years old (some four) and generally have good insight into what the fans are thinking.

After the jump, we're talking about the Chargers, Raiders and Broncos....Give us your thoughts in the comments.....

San Diego Chargers

Chargers fans over at Bolts from the Blue are fully into post season reflection mode, talking about AJ Smith's tenure as GM, as well as their new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky. Ron Rivera, San Diego's 2010 defensive coordinator, left the Chargers to become head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

If you want a real insight into how Chargers fans are feeling right now, here is a question asked by lead blogger at BFTB John Gennaro:

For all the talk from Chargers fans about how this team will never go anywhere, and how A.J. Smith's ego is ruining things almost as much as Norv Turner's buffoonery, has anybody ever actually thought things through and figured out exactly what it is that this Chargers team doesn't have that other successful teams do?

Chargers fans are having an offseason a lot of Chiefs fans are having so far - musing on possible coordinators, wondering how their team gets to that next level, and all of the usual free agency and draft talk. Check out Bolts from the Blue for more on the Chargers.

Oakland Raiders

This past week, I had the pleasure (and the next morning, the pain) of hanging out with Saint, the founder of Silver and Black Pride. He spoke relatively well of the Chiefs and seemed to have the attitude that the 2010 Raiders were the same 'ole Raider team they always have been under Al Davis. There seems to be a sense of inevitable failure by Raider fans with Al at the helm.

Take this comment from Silver and Black Pride about how today's press conference would go:

There are two things I'm looking forward to - Al explaining how much influence he has over coaching decisions-how much will he be trying to dictate offensive and defensive strategy under Hue's reign?

Al using his Force powers to choke any doubting reporters, accompanied by the phrase, "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

After seeing a Raider fan up close recently, I have to say they seem like pretty happy if not resigned fans.

We've been covering the going ons of the Raiders quite a bit here at AP, from Tom Cable's firing to hiring Hue Jackson to replace him as Raider head coach. Silver and Black Pride has your Raider commentary and news.

Denver Broncos

The biggest news of today in Denver Bronco land was the arrest of Laurence Maroney in good 'ole St. Louis. I'm really glad that Chiefs fans went this season without having to post quotes like this:

"He was not arrested for any drugs nor was he involved in a high speed chase. He was released without being charged with any offense and we do not anticipate he will be charged with any criminal offense."

Other recent Broncos' news includes Jim Mora Jr. as a possible defensive coordinator candidate and thoughts on exiting the Kyle Orton era and what that means in the draft for the Broncos.

What other AFC West topics did have you been following?

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