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Another Chiefs Offseason Wondering If A Receiver Is Coming

It's a familiar offseason refrain for Kansas City Chiefs fans: "We need a No. 1 receiver." It seems every offseason -- at least dating back to Derrick Alexander -- Chiefs fans have been calling for a receiver.

In 2000, we saw Slyvester Morris as a first round pick. He had three touchdowns in one game during his rookie season creating some optimism but wouldn't play again for the Chiefs after that year because of multiple knee injuries. 

The Trent Green days saw a prolific passing offense but never a true No. 1 receiver. Sure, Eddie Kennison had some nice numbers, as did Tony Gonzalez, but neither were considered to be true No. 1 receivers in Kansas City.

The Herm Edwards era brought us Dwayne Bowe who was a solid player during his first three years in the league but seemed to be heading the wrong way before the 2010 season.

Then Bowe stepped up his game with a big time performance in 2010 setting the franchise record for touchdown receptions which quieted some concerns throughout the season about needing a receiver. But just as quickly as Bowe would blow up in a game, he would also disappear. We were lacking consistency.

The Chiefs playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens exposed some problems for KC including the need for a No. 1 receiver. So, even with Bowe's performance in 2010, we're back to where we've been the last ten-plus years. 

In the last decade we've complained at one time or another about the offensive line, quarterback, running back, defensive line and all sorts of other positions. But fairly consistently in that time has been the need for a true No. 1 receiver. 

If the Chiefs do go the receiver route this year, and he's given the title of No. 1 receiver, I'd hate to see the amount of pressure placed on him. 

So what do you say...Is it just me or does it seem like we've been looking for a No. 1 receiver for a looong time?

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